Rocket Fishing Rod® Features & Benefits:

  • The only rod that launches a bobber (with a hook safely enclosed)
  • Bobber only releases the hook and bait when it hits the water
  • No casting needed—kids shoot to where the fish are
  • Now kids can catch fish all by themselves
  • Rugged, hi-tech precision engineering

It’s A Real Fishing Rod That Catches Real Fish!

  • PUMP


  • REEL in your catch!

Here’s The Secret:

Rocket Fishing Rod® safely conceals its fish hook in the safety bobber. When the bobber hits the water, it automatically opens up and the hook falls to the correct depth for fishing! Then you just reel them in!

Ordinary Fishing Rods are Hard for Kids to Cast!

It’s EASIER to CATCH FISH with the Rocket Fishing Rod®